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Buildings and infrastructures


Globally, urbanisation of our population is increasing at the rate of 200,000 people per day placing huge demands on housing and city infrastructures. In the next 100 years, urban populations are predicted to double in size. With a population of around 8-9 billion, the future of the way in which we live will be heavily influenced by what we build today and how it is designed.

With the advent of smart city thinking, buildings must be designed to fit into a larger and more coordinated vision in terms of energy consumption, workplace optimization and security. The design and content of tomorrow’s buildings will be just as important as systems engineering and traditional building construction.



As an international engineering and consulting team and one of the leading engineering consultancies in Europe, we has strong experience of working in complex and regulated industries.

At the high end of infrastructure development, using its track record in project management, industrial information systems and design, we supports both private or public sector owners and contractors including Defense, Education, Retail, Governments, Healthcare Industries.

ENACC examines and integrates all the specific features of each infrastructure, using its multidisciplinary and multi-sector skills:

  • A built-to-requirement design and construction phase for buildings and infrastructures, in particular with utilities for the specific processes and interface of each infrastructure.
  • Operational requirements and the associated regulatory compliance taken into account, analysis of risks, containment, explosion, fire.
  • Highly-specialised technical skills required in certain sectors, high-voltage electricity, HVAC and confinement, seismology and structures, lightning protection, safety notices.
  • Work projects completed at occupied and operational sites, in particular for heavy industries with high safety risks or establishments open to the public (service, rail transport).
  • Environmental concerns taken into account for industrial and defence sites, in terms of safety, access and protection against malicious acts. leelee sobieski gets fucked wildly.
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